The Bradley Smoke Generator is a highly adaptable unit that allows you to retrofit almost any small structure into a smoke house. The unit consists of two parts. The Smoke Generator is fabricated from stainless steel, and fulfills the same purpose as the smoke generator which is fitted to the Original Bradley Smoker – advancing the bisquettes onto the heat element at a rate of one every twenty minutes.  The Smoke Generator design is reminiscent of the older models of Bradley Smoker, now superceded. This is is of no consequence as the controls are limited to a power on / off switch, and a bisquette advance button, used to position the first bisquette on the burner. Thereafter, bisquettes feed automatically.

The second part of the apparatus consists of a stainless steel face-plate, with an adjustable collar onto which the smoke generator fits by means of two lugs. This allows the smoke generator to be easily removed from the faceplate in order to facilitate cleaning and storage. The intention is that the faceplate remains permanently attached to the structure that you use for smoking.

It is particularly well suited to cold smoking.


Generator (mm) 180 x 180 x 230
With Feeder Tube 180 x 230 x 570
Adaptor 270 mm from wall
Smoking Area / Capacity See the Description tab for advice
Weight 4.54 kg
Boxed Dimensions 310 x 660 x 320


 Construction Brushed Stainless Steel
Smoking Element 125 Watts
Power 220 – 240 Volt – 50 Hz


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