KAMADO JOE – ProJoe III – Ceramic Gril



With a redesigned three-tier cooking area, the Pro Joe rises above the competition as the most spacious and high-functioning kamado to date. With the same exceptional design and craftsmanship as the Classic III and Big Joe III, the extra-tall Pro Joe offers expansive, restaurant-inspired capabilities for grilling, searing, roasting, and perfecting low-and-slow smoking with the revolutionary SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber. The Pro Joe offers grilling aficionados and professionals alike the ability to both smoke BBQ for a crowd or fire it up for true steakhouse searing while adding the overall quality look and feel of stainless steel.
Package Contents
• Premium 24-inch ceramic grill
• Durable galvanized steel trolley
• Patented SlōRoller smoke chamber
• Divide & Conquer® cooking system (3-level)
• Basket for coal from steel 304
• Steel grilles 304
• Air Lift Lift Mechanism
• Kontrol Tower ventilation valve
• AMP FireBox
• Latch for a dome from a stainless steel
• Heat-resistant fiberglass gasket
• Patented ash box
• Built-in thermometer
• Folding aluminum side shelves
• Nippers for removal of a lattice
• Ash poker


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