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Meet Bradley’s new Hot Smoker! First in the Professional line, Bradley Professional P10 5 Rack 1000W Food Smoker is perfect for professional chefs or food smoking aficionados looking to master hot food smoking in a large-capacity Bradley smoker.

No babysitting, no hassles, no checking, no worries. Just set it and forget it. Fully automatic: load up your Bisquettes® and water then smoke for up to 10 hours), completely insulated and digital (you choose the time, temperature and amount of smoke). You get consistent, deliciously-smoked results. Every time!

Smoker internal operating temperature range 30 º C – 160º C
Built-in Smoke generator with windowed Bisquette® compartment and automated Bisquette® advancement to smoke up to 10 hours with no refilling.

Professional grade 76L stainless steel body design.
Improved temperature accuracy and dual temperature probes. Featuring PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controlled heating.

Smart smoking with up to 50 of your favourite recipes that can be created or downloaded using a USB stick. Controlling, time, smoke and temperature for the perfect recipe.

Exterior Dimensions: HxWxD – 695 x 565 x 435 mm

Interior Cabinet Dimensions: HxWxD – 630 x 428 x 360 mm

Rated Power: 1000W/220V/50Hz

Total racks: 5 rack capacity, 4 are included

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